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John Daniel Shannon, 48, is a former US Army Senior Sniper, living in Westcliffe, CO, USA, where he retired with his family after a serious brain injury inflicted by an insurgent sniper in Ramadi, Al Anbar Province, Iraq, on November 13th 2004.

 Daniel fought during the Second Battle of Fallujah and was then moved to nearby Ramadi. He lost his left eye and has multiple health issues because of his injury: memory problems, balance problems, he can't smell and taste well anymore, he suffers from PTSD, has troubles with large crowds and city surroundings. This is the reason why he and his family moved to a quiet location on the Rocky Mountains.

 In 2007 Dan helped the Washington Post to uncover patients' neglect at the Walter Reed Army Medical Center; he also testified before Congress. Torrey, 42, his wife, is a freelance writer and a contributor for the Huffington Post; she's also campaigning to improve the situation of veterans' families.

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